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When Pinterest Attacks

Tonight was a mixture of a lot of fun and a lot of “ahhhh!”

I got a phone call from my mother asking if we wanted to get together to carve some pumpkins. We needed to carve Roo’s pumpkin patch find so we figured “what the hell?” and started prepping for the evening.

Prepping in THIS house means finding a fitting Pandora station and making a themed junk food item to get fat on.

Insert Pinterest! Aka: the stay at home mom’s pornography (no seriously, you’d be surprised what you can pin). I sent my husband out to get 15 ounces of canned pumpkin, and a container of cool whip. He came home with 30 ounces of pumpkin pie filling and cool whip. We improvised. And it was amazing! I would LOVE to show you a photo, but we ate it before I thought about it. It really tasted like pumpkin pie! I’ve decided to share our best experimental recipes on SATURDAYS. I’ll totally put “Screwed up Pinterest Pumpkin Pie Dip” on that list this week.

Once the dip was made, I got pinned (pun intended?) under an infant. She chose tonight to eat every fifteen minutes, so my poor husband got stuck gutting and carving five pumpkins. Apparently, “get together to carve pumpkins” is really code for “watch Friday the 13th and feed your toddler m&ms.” I love my mother ❤

Eventually, Little Sister (the baby) went to sleep, and at 10:30PM, I finally got to tackle my totally original (aka: Pinterest inspired) craft ideas!


You may have seen something slightly less badass than this in your holiday browsing. I hate orange, so I rebelled and bought blue lights for these. The result was these super goofy little ghost dudes. We drank a lot of milk to prepare for this project.

The other project is a pumpkin.


But it’s a surprise. Partially because I’m questioning just how badass the end result will be. I may or may not have blown the whole thing by painting it before carving. My husband is trying to reassure me that his giant, expensive cooking knives should do the job without the paint peeling off. I’m crossing my fingers.

Since the theme of my blog is my daughter’s food adventures, I may as well mention that she assisted in making the dip, but was uninterested in tasting it. Which is just freaking weird. Whenever there’s a pumpkin in the house she wants me to make a pie (I finally mastered the whole pumpkin turned pie thing this year – more on THAT later).

Oh! And I learned tonight that my child hates pumpkin guts as much as I do. I don’t cry about it like she does, but its nice to know we have something in common 😉


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