Holy holiday seasons!

This week has been crazy busy. I’m obviously behind with blogging, but I figured I can catch up now.

Highlights for the week:

• Trick or Treating was a blast for Roo. Her seven dollar thrift-store-meets-pseudo-crafty-mom costume was a hit. We even got to choose from the “special” candy bowls at a few houses. King sized candy bars are now collecting dust on the fridge. I’m probably going to invent some crazy candy themed brownie or something in the near future to use them up.


• We had a very boring, not so healthy dinner of hotdogs, peas, and drop biscuits earlier in the week, and Roo chose THAT meal to taste a vegetable! Unfortunately she did not swallow the pea.


• My awesome surprise pumpkin never got finished. Halloween passed by the time I had time to carve so I chucked it. We will repeat the experiment next year.


• The last noteworthy experiment for the week is that I’ve been brushing my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda! It tastes absolutely terrible. Like coconut scented salt. I work very hard not to let the toothbrush touch my tongue, but my teeth look amazing and are whiter than they’ve been in years! Seriously, try this.

I have some minor projects in the works that will be aiding us in the great toddler/vegetable experiment. I’m hoping to get one done within the next few days. Now that I am taking iron supplements (go figure, I’m iron deficient and NOT just the laziest housewife ever) my ADD is back in full swing so I should be bouncing off the walls with boredom enough to accomplish stuff.

Hang in there for some recipes. I’m going to make a separate entry for them. Some pretty awesome cookies came out of Roo’s kitchen last night. I intend to get those posted tonight. I need to consult with my other half for some info on Pretending to be Healthy Fried Chicken Strips.